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 We use Docdata to ensure the highest levels of online security. You can therefore rest assured that all payments are processed safely and in a secure environment.

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Payment Process

Docdata Payments provides you with a quick, easy and secure transaction when you pay for your order online:

During checkout with Music Shop Europe, you will be redirected to the Docdata Payments portal. 
In the portal, you will be asked to enter your credit card details before returning to Music Shop Europe to complete checkout.
Docdata accepts most credit cards and online payment methods, including:

    You can also pay for your order via Paypal. PayPal is the faster, simpler way to pay online. It speeds you
     through checkout in just a few clicks and is more secure because your financial details are never revealed.

Safe & Secure

All payments with Music Shop Europe use Docdata's secure connection. Your data is encrypted and will never be visible to others. Docdata Payments meet the highest security standards for online payment transfers, including:

PCI DSS Compliance
This abbreviation stands for Payment Card Industry Standard, which is enforced by Visa and Mastercard. These guidelines ensure that the credit card details are securely processed and stored. Docdata Payments is audited annually by different agencies (Audit) and after approval awarded a certificate to show that Docdata Payments meets the highest possible security standards. One of these certificates is a PCI DSS certificate.

The Payment Services Directive (PSD), is a directive issued by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union and provides for the harmonization of the internal market for payment services. The PSD aims to promote pan-European competition in the payment services sector and provides for a licensing system for payment service providers. The PSD licence imposes specific requirements on risk management and the associated procedures within Docdata Payments. Docdata Payments is supervised by 'De Nederlandsche Bank' and as such is recognised by an independent institute/body as 'qualified'.

Foundation for Third Party Funds accounts (Stichting Derdengelden rekeningen)
All money from consumers, paid to (online) merchants, is received in and paid from a Foundation for Third Party Funds account. This guarantees that the funds are always "secure" at any given time, should the limited company inadvertently run into financial difficulties. The management of Docdata Payments is separate from the board of the Stichting Foundation Docdata Payments. The board is responsible for monitoring compliance with the objectives of the Foundation and checks the correct operation activities of the Foundation. Since 2008, together with the Limited Company, the Stichting Foundation Docdata Payments has been included in the report of the comprehensive annual audit carried out by KPMG.

CPSP Licence
CPSP stands for Collecting Payment Service Provider. This certification signifies that the Payment Service Provider is approved by Currence and has an agreement with an Acquiring Bank licensed by Currence for purchasing iDEAL.

We take the privacy and security of your payment very seriously. Contact us if you would like more information.